Gecko K-1000 Spa Controls

Buttons, programming sequences and flowcharts have been replaced with colorful, 4.3” touchscreen Gecko’s K-1000 keypad and intuitive, interactive display. Activation of all on / all off and last used settings, messaging and on screen notification are always within reach. Set up, water care and energy savings settings couldn’t be simpler, with pre-programmed settings for a variety of scenarios to choose from – you can restrict operation during peak hours, filter your water daily but heat it only on the weekend, or maintain the temperature 24 /7 so it’s ready when you are.

Every Luxury Collection spa is equipped with Gecko’s K-1000 keypad and in.touch 2 WI-Fi.
Keep your spa controls at your fingertips. Whether you’re in your home, your car, or a different country, you can control your spa from anywhere. Just connect your smart phone to the Wi-Fi in your spa.