Factory Installed Ozonator

The addition of a spa ozonator is an eco-friendly, efficient, and safe sanitizing solution for your spa.

After a rain shower on a warm summer day, there’s a fresh, clean scent permeating the air.  That unforgettable smell is Ozone, one of natures most powerful disinfectants.  Including a factory installed ozonator helps kill germs and bacteria naturally reducing use of chemical sanitizers, making it easier to maintain crystal clear water.  An ozonator injects disolved ozone into the water, where it combines with organic matter to either kill or neutralize harmful bacteria.  Ozone is far more effective than using chemical sanitizers alone, and is extremely effective at killing bacteria and viruses that lurk in a hot tub.

As an added benefit, the only byproduct of ozone is ordinary oxygen – no chemical residues. Killing bacteria 3,000 times faster than traditional chemicals such as chlorine and bromine, spa ozonators will save you time and money.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant that can be safely used in spas. More effective than chlorine, ozone creates no harmful by-products because it is a natural process, not a chemical.

Using a spa ozonator not only eliminates known bacteria, viruses, cysts, yeasts, mold, mildews, and chloramines, it will also reduce metallic staining and scale build-up.  Color and odor are removed to keep your spa clear and odor-free while oxidizing inorganic substances and volatile organic chemicals, such as lotions and makeup.

Ozonators Wear Out

What many spa owners do not realize is that the ozonator can wear out, just like tires on your car. Most ozonators will last about 3 years, and then begin to fail, sometimes almost over night. Without the sanitizing power of the ozone, organic matter can build up quickly, and water quality deteriorates. Many owners try to compensate for this by adding more and more chemicals, sometimes creating chemistry imbalances that can even result in hot tub rash.

Replacement Hot Tub Ozonators Bring the Water Back

Replacing a worn ozonator is a simple matter.
Many hot tub owners can do it themselves, or your spa technician can handle it very quickly.
The impact on your spa water will be immediate.