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With the ever increasing amounts of chemicals and contaminants in our water supply, filtering the water you put in your hot tub is one of the most important things you can do for you and your spa. 7-TECH’S METAL STOP pre-filter filters up to 7500 gallons of water, use it every time you add water to your tub for a clean fresh hot tub.  Using our METAL STOP pre-filter will keep you from having many of the problems associated with owning a spa.

7-TECH’S METAL STOP 7500 gallon high performance pre-filter starts with Calgon carbon, considered by the water quality industry to be superior to other carbon products.  This pre-filter has 5 high performance media to virtually eliminate chemicals, metals, and contaminants.  The first smaller carbon media is geared toward chemical adsorption, the second larger carbon media is geared toward metal adsorption, the third KDF 55 media is geared toward core metals like copper, zinc, and  manganese, the fourth KDF 85 media is geared toward heavy metals like iron, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, and mercury, and the fifth polypropylene media is geared toward any loose sediments or particulates.

A 7-TECH METAL STOP pre-filter is recommended to all customers on a well, customers with high metal content water, customers in an area with contaminated water, or to customers who just want the best water quality in their hot tub.

The 7-TECH METAL STOP carbon pre-filter will last most Natural Solution users 3 to 4 years (depending on your water).  Just attach the filter to your hose and use it every time you fill or add water to your spa.

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The Metal Stop high performance pre-filter is the best metal eliminating spa pre-filter on the market designed to virtually eliminate contaminants from your water.

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